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Hello! I'm musician in Chicago, IL specializing in guitar, pop, and musical theatre. I teach a little here and there via Skype and have a degree in jazz guitar performance (for what it's worth). I also work for the Chicago based interactive sheet music company, SoundSlice.

If you're interested in hiring me to put together music for your event or project, please use the form below to send me an email. My compositions tend to use real, live musicians (again, for what it's worth).

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Since I was young, I've always tried to figure out the exact right guitar parts of my favorite pop songs, even it's the solo on a Taylor Swift tune. My "Captain Practice" blog is something of an online journal where I transcribe and analyze the playing of my favorite guitar players across many genres, as well as teach some music concepts. All lessons are free and fully tabbed out in Soundslice.

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To reach me by email, please write to coreycr[at]